The Morris Canal Across New Jersey By Water and Rail



The Morris Canal climbed higher than any other canal ever built. For nearly 100 years, it crossed the hills of northern New Jersey, accomplishing that feat with 23 lift locks and 23 inclined planes. From Lake Hopatcong, the canal ran westward to Phillipsburg on the Delaware River, and eastward to Newark and Jersey City — covering a distance of a little over 100 miles horizontally and a total rise and fall of nearly 1,700 feet vertically. Author Bob Goller has written extensively about the Morris Canal. In this book he has assembled over 200 images from his own collection and other sources, taking readers on a historical journey along the route of the canal. This 20th anniversary edition includes a new chapter showing how the canal continues to intrigue people today, nearly a century after it was abandoned.

By Robert R. Goller. 20th Anniversary edition. Paperback, 160 pages. Arcadia Publishing, Images of America series, Published Sept. 2019